The Ease of EFG’s Application Only

The Ease of EFG’s Application Only

Equipment Finance Group (EFG) has spent decades in the equipment financing business, which has allowed EFG to create a financing process that keeps the customer’s experience quick and easy to coordinate. EFG can offer our customers simple application-only financing options, that allow for approvals up to $500,000 per asset. An application-only financing option; offers a financing process that moves quickly; and with ease, as opposed to most financing processes. 

By offering application-only equipment financing, EFG does not need to enter into a full underwriting process, in most cases. 

We have broken down the financing process into easy five steps. 

  1. Apply, 2. Get Approved, 3. Select Your Equipment, 4. Documentation, 5. Funding. 

Taking advantage of everything equipment financing has to offer, it allows your business to grow, by giving you access to the most advanced equipment, without you having to drain your capital.  

8 out of 10 Businesses will Take Advantage of Equipment Financing This Year

Are you interested in EFG’s application-only financing? We can get started on your financing process right away. EFG specializes in machine tools, plastics, and print, servicing the aerospace, automotive, packing, tele-electronic, agriculture, and food industries. 

How Equipment Financing Works, and How to Apply

Contact EFG today to speak with one of our insides sales reps, who can discuss the financing process with you; and let you know the next steps to secure financing for your equipment. 

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