Plastics Manufacturing Equipment Finance

Plastics Manufacturing Equipment Finance

EFG Has Decades Of Experience In Financing Plastic Injection Molding Equipment

Assisting customers with capital loans and leases for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermodynamics, and other production work has helped us understand the different needs of the plastics manufacturing industry. EFG can provide a variety of finance options for your expansion and growth. Talk with us about plastic injection equipment loans, extrusion equipment leases, or other tool and machine investments. We’ll provide the right funding solution faster and with better service than anyone in the industry.

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Machines financed include:

Plastics Extrusion Lines

Injection Molding

Die Cast & Extrusion

Rubber Extrusion

Other Plastics Machinery

Plastics Manufacturing Equipment Finance

Injection Molding Equipment Finance

EFG has real experience in the plastics manufacturing industry. We know that your purchase contract may require financing for turn-key injection molding equipment, and that, depending on complexity, it may also need finance terms for separate components (boiler, high/low-pressure pumps, accumulator, etc.), and/or for tooling & frequently replaced items such as piping, valves, and fixtures. Since 1994, EFG has helped businesses not only with financing injection molding machines, but also with expert guidance related to your facility, production schedules, and manufacturing needs, based on our experience in the business, not just in finance.

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Extrusion Equipment Leases And Loans

Which type of extrusion equipment are you purchasing or leasing? Extrusion machines, single or twin screws, are ideal for producing a pellet and sheet output. They’re also used for the production of window materials, vinyl siding, PVC pipe, and various plastic composites.

We know the production needs of the industry, and understand that single screw extruders are simpler and lower cost, while twin-screw equipment is more versatile, and will typically be used in the production of higher volume and higher quality product. EFG’s many years of experience in both the plastics industry, and in financing extrusion equipment will help with your financial decisions, from simple equipment purchases to those that call for thermal-sensitive compounds, complex shape output, or other extrusion precision.

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Blow Molding Machinery Financing

Blow molding is often associated with traditional glass blowing, the art, and craft considered to be the inspiration for this manufacturing process for forming hollow plastic parts. EFG has decades of experience in the plastics manufacturing industry, including providing financing for equipment for performing injection blow molding, extrusion blow molding, and injection stretch blow molding.

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Plastic Injection Thermo Equipment Finance

We’re machine finance experts, not merely lease/loan providers. We understand the pros and cons of Injection Molding vs. Thermoforming. We can talk with you about tooling vs. production costs, knowing a single-sided thermoforming tool makes for a lower cost process than the creation of a double-sided mold for plastic injection. The costs per part vary in the same way. Our years of experience in the industry are put to use on your behalf when you apply for any Plastic Injection production equipment financing.