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At EFG, we know the machine tool business, and how critical it is to make the right investment at the right time. Capital equipment loans for the world’s best machine tools are expensive. We’re happy to say we can help, with expert insights and options for your machine tool financing. As a primary focus of our business, we can assist you with not only loan programs but also machine tool leases with terms that will make it easier for you to achieve and maintain an industry edge.

Expert Machine Tool Finance for the Industry

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Expert Machine Tool Finance

EFG isn’t just in the business of financing lathes and other machine tool equipment; we’ve been working in the business of manufacturing for years; from engineering to sales, even working in the shops, we know the equipment, the products, and the processes.

The same is true of financing for Die Mold and related equipment. We aren’t bankers at desks who are processing loans for everything from machinery to vending machines and real estate. We’re manufacturing professionals, with a rich background in the machine tool industry.

Our equipment-lending associates are adept at financing CNC Turning Centers, multi-spindle machines, tooling, and other equipment supporting the manufacturing industry. Whether the opportunity is to retool an assembly line or machine one part, we have the expertise to help you win the business by affordably financing your CNC machine tool investments.

Sometimes the purchase of “metal fabrication equipment” is considered less complex or costly than other machine tools and manufacturing equipment. At EFG, we understand that the work of shaping, shearing, bending, polishing, stamping or otherwise processing copper tubing, sheet metal and other materials are as critical and precise as any other manufacturing process. EFG has been servicing metal fabrication equipment customers for nearly 30 years, and we know the business well enough to help you decide whether a metal fabrication tool loan or lease is best for your needs. In addition to single machine financing, we can also assist you with the complexities of financing for a start-up of an entire fabrication line or facility.