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We lend with integrity and transparency by offering equipment financing without the hassle or surprises.
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Equipment Financing That Works For Your Business & Budget

Need a new piece of equipment? Equipment financing is a smart solution. EFG underwrites a variety of equipment within the Machining, Plastics and Packaging manufacturing industries with flexible payment options to fit your budget and cash flow needs. Equipment Finance Group makes the financing process a breeze.

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4 simple steps to finance your purchase

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Advantages for you

Conserve Capital

Your customer can use their capital for other business needs.

Fixed Payment

By locking in a fixed payment, your customers avoid interest rate hikes in the future.

Longer Terms

We offer financing terms ranging from 24 to 84 months.

Keep Up With Technology

Add-ons and upgrades can ensure your customers have access to the latest and most advanced technology.

Purchase Options

Purchase options give your customer the opportunity to own the equipment.

100% Financing

“Soft” costs such as service, software, and training can be included in the monthly payment.

Keys To Leasing With EFG

100% financing of the invoice, including any add-on items such as training, installation, and other soft costs

No Blanket Lien
Only the equipment is required as collateral. Your personal and business assets remain protected.

Tax Advantages
Qualifies for the Section 179 deduction.

Early Payoff Options
EFG’s finance program allows early payoff without paying the remaining stream of payments.

Fixed Payments
Unlike financing with a line of credit or credit card, payments and interest rates are fixed. Market conditions can affect your line of credit, and credit card rates can increase. Our payment terms are locked in.

Lines of Credit Remain protected.
Banks are great for short-term needs, and you should use them that way. An available line of credit is an extremely valuable tool to address unforeseen emergencies. Therefore, reducing those open lines by using them to finance equipment can be dangerous. Financing with EFG does not impact the credit lines with your bank and may offer more flexibility for your equipment financing needs.

Avoid Obsolescence
Financing affords you the best technology available today and allows you to upgrade your equipment when it has outlived its usefulness. Strengthen your competitive edge by using tomorrow’s technology today!

Only the equipment is required