COVID-19 has altered the way the world as lived over the last few months. While we are seeing stay-at-home orders begin to lift throughout the nation, some states and counties have chosen to extend their orders. 

 EFG is taking part in getting the nation back on track. With our commitment to our customers of fast, flexible, and easy financing, we have been able to finance machines companies need, so they can work directly with federal agencies and essential businesses to help the fight against COVID-19.

 With the pressure to reopen states and counties, the need for COVID-19 testing continues to grow. According to an article published by Yahoo Finance on May 11th, 2020, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of Abbott Laboratories’ coronavirus test for detecting antibodies. By June, Abbott Laboratories will be able to ship 60 million antibody tests world-wide.  

 EFG has financed machines that will produce pallets for coronavirus antibody tests. 

 During these difficult times, EFG is committed to helping companies finance the equipment they need; especially, those companies financing equipment that helps produce crucial products that are needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.