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Financing Extrusion Equipment


Buying extrusion equipment, whether new or used, can put a lot of pressure on your pocket. But with the help of extrusion equipment financing, you can acquire the equipment you need to grow your business operations while saving yourself from the financial strain. Extrusion machines, single or twin screw, are ideal for producing a pellet and [...]

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EFG’s role in the fight against COVID-19


COVID-19 has altered the way the world as lived over the last few months. While we are seeing stay-at-home orders begin to lift throughout the nation, some states and counties have chosen to extend their orders.   EFG is taking part in getting the nation back on track. With our commitment to our customers of fast, [...]

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Why Financing Injection Molding Equipment is Important and How Small Businesses Can Benefit


When it comes to buying injection molding equipment, there are a lot of important things that one needs to consider to ensure they are making a sound purchase. While most take into account things like the machine’s maneuverability, security, longevity, interactive capability, and maintenance, it’s equally as significant that one also knows the best financing [...]

Why Financing Injection Molding Equipment is Important and How Small Businesses Can Benefit2020-05-11T13:54:30+00:00
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