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Export Trade Finance

Equipment Finance Group knows the challenges of a small and medium-sized business intimately, and we know the trade finance business, too. That’s why we provide a variety of trade finance solutions to equipment buyers via our vendor relationships. We serve every kind of company, ranging from small to mid-sized enterprises all the way up to corporations with significant regional and international business interests. And, though the trade finance needs of businesses engaged in international commerce vary significantly, we can even serve a US manufacturer conducting business under NAFTA, or a pan-European corporation navigating finance options in the US or Latin America.

With over 23 years of customizing unique financing solutions, EFG is a solution provider and partner to our export trade clients. We pride ourselves on bridging the gap between undeserved companies and traditional banks.

Are you currently exporting your equipment, or exploring promising opportunities in international markets?

Equipment Finance Group can help with fast, flexible and effective financing solutions aimed at supporting your success in international markets. EFG specializes in the provision of trade finance, and we welcome the opportunity to service the special financing requirements of small and medium enterprises active in international markets.

Equipment Finance Group works with leading export credit agencies and others to facilitate your access to trade finance. We offer medium-term financing solutions directly to the foreign location of US and EU buyers for their exported equipment. EFG is also uniquely positioned to assist you in providing attractive financing to your overseas buyer, so you can close deals in highly competitive international markets.

EFG understands the need for buyers to ensure efficient cash flow during times of capital expansion and acquisition. EFG works with exporters and their buyer clients to devise financing solutions tailored to the requirements of buyers importing capital products for their production cycle, and often needing to manage cash until the equipment is in production.

Our interest rates and any applicable fees are highly competitive and financing is available in US dollars. Financing solutions are generally extended independent of your existing bank or other lines of credit, and therefore do not impact existing financial sector relationships.

EFG typically pays an exporter within an agreed-upon timeframe and subsequently collects funds from a buyer when settlement is due. In addition to assuming the buyer’s risk, EFG simultaneously provides financing to the importer and provides risk mitigation – in addition to a competitive advantage in the form of attractive financing – to the exporter.


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