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Before acquiring equipment for your business, consider the adage, “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” If revenue-generating equipment is essential to your business, we encourage you to learn more about the advantages of financing before buying. And, once you’ve decided which equipment to purchase, we invite you to experience the refreshing difference of our expedited financing process. Because at EFG, we know that fast installation is vital to minimizing downtime.

Whether planning a lease or purchase, a one item acquisition or bundled equipment purchase from multiple vendors, Equipment Finance Group can customize a financing arrangement for your specific needs for both new and used equipment.

Capital Lease / Loans

Ownership of the asset is the cornerstone of a Capital Lease and Loan structure.

The Lessee / Buyer is the recognized owner of the asset, listed on the balance sheet. Capital leases, finance leases, and loans are full-payout, non-cancelable agreements, in which the Lessee is responsible for maintenance, taxes, and insurance, also known as a Triple Net Lease. The Lessee receives the depreciation benefits.

Capital Leases and Loans are most attractive in cases where the lessee wants the tax benefits of ownership or expects the equipment's residual value to be high. The Equipment is simply pledged as collateral, whereby the Lessor files a UCC/security interest. The term of a finance lease tends to be two (2) to seven (7) years.


Operating Lease / Rentals

An operating lease is particularly attractive to companies that continually update or replace equipment and want to use equipment without ownership, but also want to return equipment at lease-end and avoid technological obsolescence. An operating lease usually results in the lowest payment of any financing alternative and is an excellent strategy for bypassing capital budgeting restraints. It typically qualifies for off-balance sheet treatment and can result in improved Return On Asset (ROA) due to a lower asset base. It can also result in higher reported earnings in the early years of the lease.


Export Finance

Are you currently exporting your equipment, or exploring promising opportunities in international markets?

Equipment Finance Group can help with fast, flexible and effective financing solutions aimed at supporting your success in international markets. Equipment Finance Group specializes in the provision of trade finance, and we welcome the opportunity to service the special financing requirements of small and medium enterprises active in international markets.

Equipment Finance Group works with leading export credit agencies and others, to facilitate your access to trade finance. We can assist by offering medium-term financing solutions directly to the foreign location of US and EU buyers for their exported equipment.

In addition, EFG is uniquely positioned to assist you in providing attractive financing to your overseas buyer, to assist you in closing the deal in highly competitive international markets.


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The Financing Process

To begin the financing process complete our simple online credit application inquiry. After receipt of your initial submission, EFG will gather additional information specific to your purchase and company and electronically forward a fully populated Credit Application for your review and signature.

We will promptly contact you to develop a finance proposal. Typically, we are able to process a request under $500,000 with little to no additional information.

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