Obtain Machinery Financing

EFG knows the business of financing manufacturing tools and equipment because we've worked in manufacturing.

We offer customized financing solutions that are tailored specifically to fit each industrial business we serve. If it’s been a while since you’ve received financing solutions tailored to your needs, discover the Equipment Finance Group difference. EFG leverages our years of experience in Fabrication, Plastics, and Packaging industry to provide complete customer financing solutions and a broad range of financing options, including affordable monthly payments, lines of credit, flexible terms, and customized structures.

Grow Your Business with a Finance Company that Knows Your Business

We aren't just bankers at desks, processing loans for everything from machinery to vending machines and real estate. We're manufacturing professionals, with a rich background in industry. As your company responds to new opportunities and strives to remain competitive, we know how to help you grow your business by leveraging our industry and finance expertise to your fullest advantage.

Financing Advantages

Before acquiring equipment for your business, consider the adage, “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” If revenue-generating equipment is essential to your business, we encourage you to learn more about the advantages of financing before buying. And, once you’ve decided which equipment to purchase, we invite you to experience the refreshing difference of our expedited financing process. Because at EFG, we know that fast installation is vital to minimizing downtime.

Getting a Business Loan

Whether purchasing one item or bundling equipment purchases from multiple vendors, Equipment Finance Group can customize a financing arrangement for your specific needs for both new and used equipment.

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Fast, flexible credit process

Simple, one-page credit application

CAPEX and lease lines up to $10,000,000

Application only approvals up to $500,000

Lending for new, demo, refurbished, and used machines

100% financing available

Tooling, shipping, rigging, accessories, and extras included

Excellent rates & low monthly payments

Transaction terms from 1 to 7 years

Deferred and structured payment plans available