Application Only Approvals Up to $500,000 per Asset

Equipment Financing Application-Only Approvals up to $500,000 – per asset

Timeliness is Key When Financing Equipment


Timeliness is Key When Financing Equipment At EFG, LLC we know that customers want to obtain their equipment and financing as quickly as possible, and our inside sales team works with customers and vendors to just that. Not only is EFG's inside sales team able to work to coordinate financing promptly, but they also do [...]

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Finish the 4th Quarter Strong with EFG


Is there equipment you are interested in but aren't sure if you are ready to make the commitment? Let EFG tell you why there is no better time than now to financing equipment.  2020 has been a whirlwind, and now that the new normal has settled in, and many businesses have adapted to working conditions, [...]

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Utilizing CAPEX Funding 


Is your company looking into expanding a facility? EFG is here to help you. At EFG, can help you utilize CAPEX funding.  What is CAPEX funding? CAPEX funding is funding that is used by companies that allow them to acquire, upgrade, and or maintain physical assets, such as buildings, property, plants, technology, or equipment.  EFG [...]

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The Ease of EFG’s Application Only


Equipment Finance Group (EFG) has spent decades in the equipment financing business, which has allowed EFG to create a financing process that keeps the customer's experience quick and easy to coordinate. EFG can offer our customers simple application-only financing options, that allow for approvals up to $500,000 per asset. An application-only financing option; offers a financing [...]

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Key Advantages of Financing Machine Tools


Are you looking into machine tool equipment? At Equipment Finance Group, we can help you with your equipment purchase by offering you tailored financing that best suits your company. EFG can offer you equipment financing that is fast, flexible, and easy, giving you key advantages in the machine tool industry.   At EFG, we know the [...]

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Finance Your Injection Molding Equipment with EFG


Equipment Finance Group has decades of experience in financing plastic manufacturing equipment, especially injection molding machines.  For years, EFG has assisted customers with leases and loans for their injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermodynamics, and other plastics equipment.  When it comes to financing, we make it simple for our customers! With an easy five-step process for receiving [...]

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Equipment Finance Group's promise to you: EFG is here for all your equipment financing needs, upholding our word of fast, flexible, and easy financing.

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