Machine Tool Financing

At EFG, we know the machine tool business, and how critical it is to make the right investment at the right time. EFG offers expert insights and options for your machine tool financing. We make it easier for you to achieve and maintain an industry edge.

Utilizing CAPEX Funding 


Is your company looking into expanding a facility? EFG is here to help you. At EFG, can help you utilize CAPEX funding.  What is CAPEX funding? CAPEX funding is funding that is used by companies that allow them to acquire, upgrade, and or maintain physical assets, such as buildings, property, plants, technology, or equipment.  EFG [...]

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Key Advantages of Financing Machine Tools


Are you looking into machine tool equipment? At Equipment Finance Group, we can help you with your equipment purchase by offering you tailored financing that best suits your company. EFG can offer you equipment financing that is fast, flexible, and easy, giving you key advantages in the machine tool industry.   At EFG, we know the [...]

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Equipment Finance Group's commitment to you during COVID-19: EFG is here for all your equipment financing needs, upholding our promise of fast, flexible, and easy financing.

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